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Good morning guys!

Today we’re talking about something I find very fun – crafting up the right message to sell your results. It’s super important and something that often gets lost in the shuffle while you’re balancing everything with building a business.

In the question for today Zoe asks:

“I’m a personal stylist and I’ve been finding my niche with busy women who have really big careers. They need to dress for success but they don’t have time shop or put together the right outfits. I’m really good at what I do and I want to continue getting more clients into this higher priced service, but I’m having a hard time getting my message to connect with these clients and to have them see the value in the red carpet service I’m providing.”

Oh yes, Zoe, you’re bringing me back to talking about messaging. I have a love/hate relationship with this. It’s mostly love, but sometimes this gets frustrating because it’s not an exact science.

Here’s the cliff notes version of what I talk about in the video:

Let’s start with one of my favorite things to harp on: results. People don’t buy products or services, they buy results. And results can be broad. It can be a feeling, it can be that they’re saving time or money, it can be so many things. But they’re not buying the features of what you’re selling. And I think that might be one place you should work on updating your messaging.

Check to see if you’re selling the features of your service, which it kind of sounds like you might be. Are you selling the fact that you’ll come to their house? They’ll get 1:1 time with you? You’ll create a closet full of clothes just for them?

It’s good to be specific about what exactly you’re selling, but that comes second. First, you need to communicated to them that you know what they value and you’ll give them results.

It sounds like these women don’t value saving money, so if you communicate those results your messaging won’t really resonate with them – because they don’t value that result.

But if they do value saving time or feeling totally confident, you need to communicate those results with your messaging. Find what they value and then communicate it to them.

And how do you figure out what they value? You can have conversations with them! That’s the first and best way to make sure you’re giving them exactly what they value and then you can take that insight and have it drive your communication. You can also test out different messaging when you’re talking with prospective clients to see what resonates. See what gets them to say “yes! I definitely want that.”

In the video I give a little example of how a knee specialist used this technique on me. Every profession needs proper messaging. Even knee surgeons. Who knew?

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Have an amazing, productive, and strategic week everyone!