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Hello, I’m Erica

CPA, Content Marketer, Writer


one Trick Pony

I’m a content marketer, writer, and CPA. I specialize in creating accessible accounting, finance, and tax-based content aimed at helping small business owners and individuals. 

What that really means is I take dense, complex, and sometimes boring concepts and translate them into compelling, original content.

Content that’s better for you, better for your brand, and better for your clients. 



Marketing Collateral



Content Strategy


Website copy

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.


I began my career as a CPA working for PwC in San Francisco. After that, I packed my bags and headed to North Carolina and get my MBA from Duke University, focusing on marketing strategy. Post-graduation I worked for P&G, tech companies, and as a consultant doing brand and content marketing. 

Now, I’ve merged the two parts of my career to create the best content for my clients.

I write for accounting firms, wealth managers, CFPs and PFSs, banks, FinTech companies, and SAAS companies. 

Want to learn more about working together?

You can reach me at